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2021          Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts


2020          Toronto Outdoor Art Fair (Online)


2019          Lawrence Park Art Show

2019          Art Walk in the Square

2019          Cabbagetown Art Fest

2019          Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

2019          Riverdale Art Walk, Toronto

2018          Cabbagetown Arts & Crafts

2018          ArtWalk in the Square

2018          Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

2018          Rosedale Art Fair, Toronto

2018          Riverdale ArtWalk, Toronto

2017          One of a Kind Christmas Show, Toronto

2017          Salon Signatures Show, Ottawa

2017          Autumn Art Sale, McMichael Gallery, Kleinburg

2017          Fusion Clay and Glass Show, Toronto (Award)

2017          Cabbagetown Arts Festival, Toronto

2017          ArtWalk in the Square, Toronto

2017          Art in the Park, Oakville

2017          Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (Award)

2017          ArtFest, Kingston

2017          Rosedale Art Fair, Toronto

2017          Riverdale ArtWalk, Toronto

2017          CityPlace, West Palm Beach

2017          Boca Raton Museum of Art Outdoor Juried Art Festival, Boca Raton

2017          54th Coconut Grove Arts Festival, Miami

2017          29th Annual Las Olas Art Fair, Fort Lauderdale


2016          One of a Kind Christmas Show, Toronto

2016          Salon Signatures Show, Ottawa

2016          Cabbagetown Festival, Toronto (Award)

2016          Port Credit Art Tour, Mississauga

2016          Balls Falls Festival, Lincoln

2016          ArtFest, Distillery, Toronto

2016          ArtWalk in the Square, Toronto, (Award)

2016          Kempenfest Art Festival, Barrie

2016          ArtFest, Kingston

2016          Riverdale ArtWalk, Toronto

2016          ArtFest, Mississauga

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