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artist's statement

Glass Artist Layne Verbeek
I work to create the unexpected and to show how the natural, rugged and rough of the world all around us can, even in a little way, be captured with the many magical properties of glass.

My work is an exploration in capturing nature’s movement and its many mottled textures and colours. And, my hope is to create unique sculptural forms that can arise from harnessing glass’ contradictory and magical qualities.


Unlike bronze, steel, stone, clay or wood, glass can be simultaneously opaque, transparent or anywhere in between. Glass is also liquid when it’s most transformative and warm glass techniques allow me to use time and gravity to mold, melt and meld this medium into the interesting sculptural spaces.


I've also developed glass swarf. The swarf or “rock-like or lava-like” elements that are cast or fused into many of my pieces, are, in fact, all glass. 

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